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CITC is proud to present a state of the art Electroluminescent (EL) technology to Canadian market.

Innovative EL Safety Products engineered collaboratively with CITC and manufactured in Toronto, Ontario by Luma Strike Inc. 

Technical Specs For EL Safety Products:

- Highly visible over 500 meters distance in darkness, dust, snow, smoke, fog and all other all extreme weather conditions.

- Light-weight (0.6-3 mm thick), flexible, vibration, mechanical and thermal impact resistant, UV, water and dust resistant.

- Continue to operate even when the product is pierced or torn.

- Operation temperature range: - 40 C - + 75 C.

- Animation can be activated remotely (up to 60 m), or on-demand by timer or light/sound sensor.

- DC and/or AC, or Solar power source operated. EL consumes 40-60 % less energy than LED. 

​- Easily integrated into existing traffic control power system.

- Maintenance free and can operate without AC power supply for 5-7 consecutive days during power outage situations.

- Durability up to 40,000 hours depending on the environment, power supply and duty cycle.

​EL Dynamic/Animated Safety Products Applications:

- Regulatory Traffic Signs.

- Directional, Temporary Conditions and Warning Signs.

- Emergency Evacuation/Exit Signs and Floor/Wall Marks.

- Safety Apparel.

- Soldier Protection and many more.

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